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    Sometimes it's just enough.

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World through prism.

Welcome to our website! All sort of photography related words and articles. Please enjoy and you can find me from Facebook:

No quote is better than poor quote.

Photorally contest at
Photorally contest at

I have been hosting a photorally contest at "local" an American car forum since 2012. Idea is to take a photo at given time about subject that previous winner has given.

Car happenings calendar in Finland
Car happenings calendar in Finland

I also update personal Google calendar where is dated almost all major an American car related happenings in Finland.

Car happening photo report
Car happening photo report

I started photographing cars at 2010 and I uploaded them to Finnish photo gallery website and linked them to all over the internet. Few years later I founded this website and it would have been too much of hassle to move all the already published photos to new site and update links, so I kept my old photo gallery.

From The Sunrise To The Sunset.

Well I woke up early yesterday and as I was making my breakfast I decided to set up my camera on my HUGE balcony and shoot sunrise timelapse. While doing that I remembered that I had set up crappy webcam on inside my window frame. In here, Finland we usually have three layer windows to keep the warm air inside the house and cold outside, so there is plenty of room and it ain’t that cold for the webcam. So, I started OBS and started streaming live feed of said timelapse shooting. Which is basically static image of camera and blown out sky moving from east to west.

Now I woke up early to catch a sunrise timelapse again and I thought what the heck and started streaming again:



Oh, and the yesterday’s timelapse:

Long time no post.

Well, I was unemployed for a bit over two months and now I am employed. Part time, but steady employment nevertheless. I kind of like it since I got more free time. Summer went quite much of working, but I plan to get my work schedule so that I am working hard on these winter months and reaper free time on summer.

I also updated my Mac Pro from 2008 Early to 2010 Mid, first in single processor, but later I updated it to dual processor version, but now I need to upgrade display adapter to newer version, one that supports Metal.

I haven’t yet switched to completely to video yet, as my editing software situation is still in process.

So much has happened in my life this past year that I am kind of exhausted by happenings and doing stuff. Now that life is getting shit together I am kind of hopefully that I can manage my and it’s youtube-channel more in the future.

Drone photography

I had an opportunity test a couple of different drone last summer and fall. Now I own a DJI Mavic Pro drone and I am getting use to it. I have set up a album at and flickr account:


I think that I am abandoning ordinary photography and start to focus on video and drone photography more in the future. Few may have noticed those drone shots from my instagram or facebook feed.

Last summer I shot this video at Malmi Airport, with the permission from ATC and Malmi Airpot.

I have been shooting videos quite while but I never had the energy to make them in to complete videos, mainly due lag of a good editing software and powerful computer to edit with. I recently bought used Mac Pro 2010, that has potential for good 1080p editing, but now that I am unemployed I don’t have the benefit of using workplace softwares. There is Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve that is free to use but it needs computing power that I hadn’t previously. And of course its all different to use than FCP or Premiere Pro. Good thing about me being unemployed is that now I have the time to learn and edit videos.

First thunder of the year.

May lightning

As Sunday was turning in to Monday I noticed that there was a strom front coming from west of our apartment. I didn’t noticed any thunder at the time and I went to bed. After few minutes I heard that distant low rumble of thunder. First I though, well I was already in bed and sort of falling in sleep and it will be probably are far far away and going wrong direction to catch anything. Then I decided to check thunder radar on site and it was near and going from west to east. So, up from the bed, get the camera, check the battery and memory card and on the bath room. Luckily I had my tripod already standing by the window waiting for action. Attach the camera, quick check on the settings and fire the first 30 second shot. Few seconds later lightning striked in plain sight. WOW, that was lucky! After few minutes there was a second strike but it was mostly off screen and just the tail was captured and nothing after that. This years first thunder, first capture and first lightning! If I would have hesitated few seconds more in the bed wheather I should rise and try to shoot, I would have missed this shot. Again lesson to be learned, never hesitate too long and just do it. You never know what you are going to miss.

10th Winter Drive by AHS at Lahnajärvi

I was travelling to Rauma yesterday to pick up some parts for my El Camino and as I was driving on the highway that passes by old and legendary gas station on Lahnajärvi, which is resurrected from dead and there was AHS’s (AutoHistoriallinenseura / Automobile Historic Society) 10th Winter Drive, which is kind of car orienteering. So I stopped by and took few photos:

I also tested live streaming to’s youtube channel.

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