American Car Show 2014 part 1


It´s the Easter again, and that means an American Car Show @ Helsinki Messukeskus. As usual I have a booth in there. A bit more room than last year and the space is more open. Got in about two hours earlier than the doors open for public, but I didn’t get much of done, since I run in to my colleagues and we got caught in chatting. Good thing is that doors open for vendors so early on Saturday and I have “scouted” what is where and what I want to shoot. After doors closes, there is a Vantaa Cruising at Heureka parking lot, Vantaa. I guess this day is far from over.

As usual I take photos on all four days with different style. Well, I try to at least. Today I took just a basic photos and tomorrow when(if) I go early I can take more time consuming photos and on Sunday I try to concentrate on detailed shots.

Here is the a link to the gallery.