Vacation time at Säkylä.

Pyhäjärvi by nightThis has been most founded by me. Vacation at Säkylä. It’s quiet in here, no distractions, no hassle, no work. Just being in here makes you peaceful. Of course I had expectations about what I am going to shoot in here but, as I said, being peaceful and such I hadn’t taken to much of my time to think about what I am going to shoot.

We have been doing a lot of eating good meat and wine, but most of all we had time to think and be ourself’s. No work, no merry good old time because of the Christmas. Just two, well actually three of us, since it’s me, my wife and our dog.

Here is a gallery of photos that I managed to shoot so far…

Few things comes to my mind when you check those photos and it’s just those things that you have to go through yourself before you find how peaceful that sets you. I admit that there aren’t any single photo that makes you wanna move in here, but that hospitality is a sure kicker when you move in. Enjoy!

New Year’s Eve over Helsinki time lapse

New Years Eve over Helsinki 2014. Very short clip over few hours. 30s exposure per frame on 40s interval. Nikon D800E and Nikkor 70-210mm pump zoom.

August Thunderstorm compilation.

It was quite fascinating to watch as the storm front approached from the west towards our balcony. I started shooting video in hope to catch awesome lightning, but as it moved over our building I was lucky to point my camera to right direction to catch some of the lightnings in the video.

Sunrise over Helsinki.

Sunrise Over Helsinki.

Sunrise Over Helsinki.

Took this in the morning and first I didn’t wanted to take a proper picture, just an iPhone shot. Then I thought that I would blame myself for not taking this shot with a proper camera and since I have brand new camera, Nikon D7100, what a good reason to take this shot.

Night Cruising.

Cruising at night.

Night Cruising.

Today was Stadin Cruising and I was at work on evening shift. Didn’t have much of pictures from Kauppatori, but as there were a cruising gathering next to Hietalahti cemetary I had a idea. I took few pictures.

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