10th Winter Drive by AHS at Lahnajärvi

I was travelling to Rauma yesterday to pick up some parts for my El Camino and as I was driving on the highway that passes by old and legendary gas station on Lahnajärvi, which is resurrected from dead and there was AHS’s (AutoHistoriallinenseura / Automobile Historic Society) 10th Winter Drive, which is kind of car orienteering. So I stopped by and took few photos:

I also tested live streaming to’s youtube channel.

Sunny Saturday stroll

Yesterday was great day for a stroll. I did took my camera with me and just shooted what caught my eye. Mostly nothing out of ordinary. And I thought using my gallery again. It has been quite while since last uploaded any photographs to this gallery. So, here few shots:

Gallery can be found from here.

Cars or tits?

I have tried not to shoot any women when I am shooting cars at happenings for one reason only, those photos of women gets all the attention. I’ve known this for a long time and I did a test with my Kustom Kulture Show photogallery. Out of 156 photos there are 3 photos that has almost nude women on it. Guess where those pictures are in most watched list?

Screenshot 2016-02-15 14.58.24

One day after I had posted this gallery in the net. Screenshot taken on 15th of the February

Screenshot 2016-03-08 17.54.17

Almost a month has passed and those three pictures has still most views. Screenshot taken on 8th of the March. Sex sells. Oh and the title of this post is deliberate, but I guess you knew that already. I don’t mind to photographing women at all, but when I am trying to present automotive photos, I’d like cars to be the focal point of the viewer and not the tits. Or nudity. But when most of the viewers are male this is unavoidable since men like to watch tits.

Vacation time at Säkylä.

Pyhäjärvi by nightThis has been most founded by me. Vacation at Säkylä. It’s quiet in here, no distractions, no hassle, no work. Just being in here makes you peaceful. Of course I had expectations about what I am going to shoot in here but, as I said, being peaceful and such I hadn’t taken to much of my time to think about what I am going to shoot.

We have been doing a lot of eating good meat and wine, but most of all we had time to think and be ourself’s. No work, no merry good old time because of the Christmas. Just two, well actually three of us, since it’s me, my wife and our dog.

Here is a gallery of photos that I managed to shoot so far…

Few things comes to my mind when you check those photos and it’s just those things that you have to go through yourself before you find how peaceful that sets you. I admit that there aren’t any single photo that makes you wanna move in here, but that hospitality is a sure kicker when you move in. Enjoy!

Merry holidays and x-mas!

Short timelapse from few days ago and with this we are heading for the summer! Days are getting longer.

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