right place and time

First thunder of the year.

May lightning

As Sunday was turning in to Monday I noticed that there was a strom front coming from west of our apartment. I didn’t noticed any thunder at the time and I went to bed. After few minutes I heard that distant low rumble of thunder. First I though, well I was already in bed and sort of falling in sleep and it will be probably are far far away and going wrong direction to catch anything. Then I decided to check thunder radar on site and it was near and going from west to east. So, up from the bed, get the camera, check the battery and memory card and on the bath room. Luckily I had my tripod already standing by the window waiting for action. Attach the camera, quick check on the settings and fire the first 30 second shot. Few seconds later lightning striked in plain sight. WOW, that was lucky! After few minutes there was a second strike but it was mostly off screen and just the tail was captured and nothing after that. This years first thunder, first capture and first lightning! If I would have hesitated few seconds more in the bed wheather I should rise and try to shoot, I would have missed this shot. Again lesson to be learned, never hesitate too long and just do it. You never know what you are going to miss.

22° halo.


I got my picture published by largest news site at!

Weather was great today. It has been long overdue for proper winter weather and when it finally happened, it was quite quick transformation from plus minus zero to -20°c and that has gave us a quite few chances to make a great photography. As I were leaving to work this morning I thought for a few seconds do I bother to take my camera with me or not. Luckily I decided to take the camera with me. Unfortunate was that I had missed to charge the extra battery and the one in the camera didn’t have that much charge on it. I managed to take a short time lapse with it, before cold weather killed the battery. As sun rose and started to shine it immediately showed sun halo and first I took photos with my iPhone 5 and you can imagine that those images weren’t that great. Luckily I had that almost drained extra battery with and I could take few photos of the halo and “steam” rising from the sea.


Once again that old jungle saying was true: Take the frigging camera with you.

Burning skyscape.

2015-11-25 09.17.32 HDR-2

I have to say one great thing about being work where I am at the moment has many benefits, but huge one is that we do get to see most spectacular views. Sunrises and sunsets. This photo was taken ten minutes ago and it’s now gone. Sky is all blueish gray and no sunshine anymore and rain front is coming from the sea too.

Here’s a short video too:

Sunrise time lapse over Helsinki

It was supposed to rain this morning and actually it did start to rain when I left home to work. I drove to work instead of bicycling. If I had bicycled I wouldn’t had chance to shot this since it took me only 15 min to drive from home to work as it would have taken 35 min to bicyle, I would have been 15 min too late. I’m glad I did take the car.

Vantaa Cruising in September.

Feeling better now and yesterday was again Vantaa Cruising aka Parking. It has been a few months since I was last time at Vantaa Cruising and I was wondering what the time was when the sun settled in and darkness surrounded the parking lot quickly and it was only 8 pm! Luckily I keep my tripod stashed in my car and I could continue to shoot. I just love that part of the event since I can play with long exposures. You have to check out oncoming traffic, who’s going where, how long exposure is needed that car passes by and not stopping in the middle, except if you want it to stop in the middle of the frame. It’s time consuming but sometimes rewarding.


There are few problems to get the picture that you want. Mostly it’s too dark for the camera to focus on the right spot. Then there are people that don’t notice you or just don’t care about you and what you’re trying to achieve.

Here is a link to the pictures.

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