From The Sunrise To The Sunset.

Well I woke up early yesterday and as I was making my breakfast I decided to set up my camera on my HUGE balcony and shoot sunrise timelapse. While doing that I remembered that I had set up crappy webcam on inside my window frame. In here, Finland we usually have three layer windows to keep the warm air inside the house and cold outside, so there is plenty of room and it ain’t that cold for the webcam. So, I started OBS and started streaming live feed of said timelapse shooting. Which is basically static image of camera and blown out sky moving from east to west.

Now I woke up early to catch a sunrise timelapse again and I thought what the heck and started streaming again:



Oh, and the yesterday’s timelapse:

FHRA Swap at Vermo and then some

Well, I have been a bit lazy on posting at this blog lately and I could do a summary, but you know how it goes. If I don’t do it now, I won’t be doing later. So,

I put my El Camino in to the garage for the winter, a few weeks ago.

Big plans for this winter. Friend called few days ago that he has a cowl induction hood that I have been looking for. Brake booster that I got from another friend, new front bumber and grille too.

Oh, and I have been taking pictures from all kind of things, but I lack post production ambition. So those sit on my computer for another year, two or three, maybe.

Last Saturday it was FHRA Swap at Vermo, which is just half a stone throw away. You can take a look at the pictures from here.


I don’t know is there any good reason why, but I have started a blog on a about an American car happenings around Finland. I still do post here when I have processed and upload pictures from happenings to my website, but in addition to my photos I’ll try to gather links from the other photographers too, all under one blog. So people can find all the photos from certain happening. There is always a thread on for certain happening and photographers post a link to their photos of that happening into. But if you want to visit that certain happening and certain photographers photos later date, you need to dig that whole forum for right thread and after that you have to go through latest post to see if there was a link to those photos. Of course you can add a bookmark to your browser but does that anyways? I guess there was a good reason after all!

Currently I am doing it in Finnish, but I might switch it to English. It’s called:

Also I have been updating my blog, but I think it will need more boost than I had time to write and post on.

Then I have a blog for my 1970 Chevrolet El Camino too. I guess that is now more on “the wall” since I got a garage spot near where I am living and there aren’t really any excuses not to go in the garage and do something to her. Right?

Oldest blog that I have and is still alive is Life @ Perkkaa which has an entry from 6th of December 2006! So That is 8 years old!

And this blog could use a bit of face lift.

Automotive Calendar 2014 !

Okay, it’s been a while, but now our Automotive Photography Finland gang has made an anothor calendar. We set our goal to make it sooner than later, but some how it got pushed a side and we almost didn’t make it in time. Calendar is in the print as I write this and is available for order through our website:

Automotive Calendar 2014!

Automotive Calendar 2014

Go and check it out and order! I dare you!

Throwing Dices Photography

So, I finally got a domain for my Throwing Dices Photography under which is linked to my 500px account. I didn’t feel that I should manage two separate website under my photography. The 500px is a kind of portfolio and I’ll post only few and top quality photos. Second thing is that I should move my (correction: under account is due to end at end of February. That cost about 36€ year, which isn’t that much, but then again from a small streams grows a big river.


Light Darkness.

Light Darkness.

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