Ford Nationals 2013, Alastaro.

Drag race strip at Alastaro Circuit.

It was hot morning to begin with when I left home in 6 am, Saturday. I had 169 km to Alastaro and I cruised small roads to my destiny. There was almost no traffic and driving was a pleasure. I arrived just before 9 am at Alastaro Circuit and there were already bunch of cars, tweaking, changing tires or just parked.

I talk to the organizer’s at American Car Show that is it possible to GM-guy to come down there and shoot FoMoCo-products and they gladly granted me an access to the happening. I was free to shoot and wander around and I got few interesting angles.

3005 pictures were taken. 1325 survived. That’s way too many granted, but most of them tell a story.

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