Forssa Pick-Nick 2015.

33rd Pick-Nick at Forssa was held yesterday. Weather was great, not too sunny and hot, but cloudy and just right amount warm. During the day over 30000 visitors and over 2500 cars passed through race track. We left around 8 am from Säkylä, where we have been staying during our holidays. Short and sunny road trip through Loimaa to Forssa took about one hour. Our friends had already arrived at the Pilvenmäen Ravirata and kept us a spot in the grass field. I shot some 600+ photos and after post process there were 331 photos left. You can find them from this link.

I also shot a short time lapse video and speeded up video when we left the race track and headed for our holiday home. I’ll be posting a separate post for that video. Or you can subscribe my youtube channel and you’ll get a notification when I have uploaded it immediately!