Long time no post.

Well, I was unemployed for a bit over two months and now I am employed. Part time, but steady employment nevertheless. I kind of like it since I got more free time. Summer went quite much of working, but I plan to get my work schedule so that I am working hard on these winter months and reaper free time on summer.

I also updated my Mac Pro from 2008 Early to 2010 Mid, first in single processor, but later I updated it to dual processor version, but now I need to upgrade display adapter to newer version, one that supports Metal.

I haven’t yet switched to completely to video yet, as my editing software situation is still in process.

So much has happened in my life this past year that I am kind of exhausted by happenings and doing stuff. Now that life is getting shit together I am kind of hopefully that I can manage my jenkkiautotapahtumat.com and it’s youtube-channel more in the future.