• Sometimes it's just enough.

    Sometimes it's just enough.

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World through prism.

Welcome to our website! All sort of photography related words and articles. Please enjoy and you can find me from Facebook:

No quote is better than poor quote.

Photorally contest at
Photorally contest at

I have been hosting a photorally contest at "local" an American car forum since 2012. Idea is to take a photo at given time about subject that previous winner has given.

Car happenings calendar in Finland
Car happenings calendar in Finland

I also update personal Google calendar where is dated almost all major an American car related happenings in Finland.

Car happening photo report
Car happening photo report

I started photographing cars at 2010 and I uploaded them to Finnish photo gallery website and linked them to all over the internet. Few years later I founded this website and it would have been too much of hassle to move all the already published photos to new site and update links, so I kept my old photo gallery.

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog. This is blog about something and mostly about photography. For a starter this is my very first time I manage this WordPress blog and all is very new to me. Language might be also in finnish since I am Finnish. Short introduction:

I was born in 1972 and have lived early part of my life in a town where I was born. In the change of the century I moved to Finland’s Capital and have lived there ever since. I started photographing quite young when I went to see American Car Show, but it was just crappy shooting with a crappy camera back then. Didn’t know what, how and when. I kept shooting American cars at the shows but never really understood photographing itself. Beginning of the century when I was salesperson at the AV shop I started to pick up something and my photographing took a huge step when I entered in one of biggest consumer electronics store in Finland, I became a camera salesperson. That was 2005 and ever since I have loved and try to learn everything about photographing.

I met my wonderful wife in 2009 and we share the passion for the American cars and photography. We got married in 2011 and we brake the records everyday!


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