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37th American Car Show Walk Around Video

I managed to take a quick walk around video also and this is just a “raw” as it gets. Tried Youtube video editor and not bad. Although it takes a time to have all the effects, sounds and text to render, it was easy and “fast” to use. You can add royalty free music, basic fades and rolling texts.

American Car Show part 3.


Well rest of the ACS pictures are finally run through post and here are links to them: Sunday and Monday.

American Car Show part three.

Corvette top view.


Finally got all the pictures downloaded on the computer and done some light post processing to them. Over all this years show was good, compared to last year when Hot Rod Art section was located in the back of convention main hall and section was kind of wind tunnel so that visitors had to come through it to look at art. This year section was almost at the entry of main hall and it was open type. Made few euros and more importantly lots of contacts. Rest of the pictures are available from this link

American Car Show part two.

Dodge Charger gauge cluster

Yesterday I got early to 36th American car show and I had time to shoot and later on that day I had time to process them at the show. Thanks to modern technology we got Wi-Fi here and I could have posted them at scene, but there was too much of talking with people! :)

Which is of course a good thing, if I want to made myself known. Today I couldn’t come earlier since my wife left early to work and our dog, Chili would have been so long alone. I did manage to take few pictures before doors opened, but there are still plenty to shoot.

Here is a link to yesterdays pictures!


American Car Show 2013 part one.

On Friday 29.3. started 36th American Car Show @ Helsinki convention center. I had a bit of time to walk around and shoot some cars and plan my shootings for next couple of days. Today I woke up 6 am, actually couple of minutes earlier before alarm clock went off. So I headed back to convention center and took few shots. I’ll be posting them later. Here is a link to yesterday’s pictures.

Kustom Kadillac?



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