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37th American Car Show Walk Around Video

I managed to take a quick walk around video also and this is just a “raw” as it gets. Tried Youtube video editor and not bad. Although it takes a time to have all the effects, sounds and text to render, it was easy and “fast” to use. You can add royalty free music, basic fades and rolling texts.

American Car Show part 3.


Well rest of the ACS pictures are finally run through post and here are links to them: Sunday and Monday.

American Car Show part 2.

Green Flames.

I got whole new different angle to this today. I have been shooting this way a while now, but I don’t bother doing it too often since I have to held my camera and lens high up in the air with a monopod and it is basically trail and error. After while you get good pictures with less miss, but by then your arms are starting to shake a bit and miss is more likely. I have a plan that I’m working on, so that I can keep up with this angle. Later about that.

Here is a link to different angle.

American Car Show 2014 part 1


It´s the Easter again, and that means an American Car Show @ Helsinki Messukeskus. As usual I have a booth in there. A bit more room than last year and the space is more open. Got in about two hours earlier than the doors open for public, but I didn’t get much of done, since I run in to my colleagues and we got caught in chatting. Good thing is that doors open for vendors so early on Saturday and I have “scouted” what is where and what I want to shoot. After doors closes, there is a Vantaa Cruising at Heureka parking lot, Vantaa. I guess this day is far from over.

As usual I take photos on all four days with different style. Well, I try to at least. Today I took just a basic photos and tomorrow when(if) I go early I can take more time consuming photos and on Sunday I try to concentrate on detailed shots.

Here is the a link to the gallery.

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