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9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise.

One eye bandit leading the way.

Couple of weeks ago we had great weather and 9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise. We didn’t drove all 170 km of it but I took plenty of pictures on the road. 75 cars were rolling the roads on Uusimaa’s beautiful country side scenery. We didn’t go “long haul” as we didn’t had our own car ready for this driving season yet. Luckily in this group of people there is always someone that gives you a ride in their car.

Beautiful country side.

Next year is going to be 10th! It’s going to be Legen-wait for it in the intersection…DARY!

I took around 1500 shots and 370 pictures can be found:

Stadin Cruising aka Parking.


It was a cold October Friday but there were still a few brave with their cars at the Kauppatori. Darkness was covering all available light and it was no use to try to shoot without tripod or monopod.  I decided to take out my carbon fiber tripod and take a long exposure shots and try out something. Few worth a publishing I managed to do. Here’s a link to pictures.

Nummela Kruisin’

Riviera sight

I took whole month to post process these, but better late than never, right? We haven’t been there yet and this was our first time since there weren’t anything better to do on that cold september night and it wasn’t that long drive to Nummela from Espoo. Cold weather did take out some of the people and cars, but HC people were there with their cars. Here’s a link. Enjoy!

Vantaa Cruising September 2012

Ready to roll.

It was third Friday of the month again and that meant that it was Cruising time at Vantaa, again. This time I went all by myself and tried to shoot as “fast” as I could since light was fading quite fast. 125 shots. One point I thought that all the available light was gone and it didn’t help much to crank up the ISO to 800 even with a fast lens. As I was walking around I noticed that street lights at the parking lot section lightened up and gave a slim chance to take something. Then few cars started engines and their lights on and that gave a few ideas. I’m glad that I choose to stay a bit longer.

Lakeside Cruising 2012


Last year we didn’t participate, since our El Camino was broken and I was too lazy to fix it. This year there weren’t any problem at all and we started around noon from Nihtisilta ABC-gas station. Lakeside Cruising starts 13:45 at Teboil-gas station at Siuntio. From there we went to Karjaa and had quick-ish stop there, next stop was at Karjalohja and stopped there for awhile. Next stop was at Saukkkola’s ST1-gas station. End stop was market square at Lohja and from there to Hill Garage to end party. We drove our El Camino to our friends house at Siuntio and went to the party with his Buick Kustom. Here’s a link to the pictures.

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