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10th Winter Drive by AHS at Lahnajärvi

I was travelling to Rauma yesterday to pick up some parts for my El Camino and as I was driving on the highway that passes by old and legendary gas station on Lahnajärvi, which is resurrected from dead and there was AHS’s (AutoHistoriallinenseura / Automobile Historic Society) 10th Winter Drive, which is kind of car orienteering. So I stopped by and took few photos:

I also tested live streaming to’s youtube channel.

Vintage Drags at Räyskälä

I had an opportunity to go to Räyskälä Vintage Drags in a team bus as one friend from the garage where my El Camino is, was going to Räyskälä Vintage Drags to drag race his 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. He has had that since late 1970s and when drag racing landed on Finland, Räyskälä Airfield was one of the first place where you could drag race. We borrowed Hollow Head Drag team’s team bus where we loaded the Camaro and had a sleeping quarters for five people.

Sun set at Räyskälä Airfield.

First we went to Somero to pick up slick tires and then on to Räyskälä Airfield. We arrived just as the sun was settling in for the night. We took the Camaro out and barbeque grill and set up our camp for the Saturday. We then proceed to have late night dinner and the older guys who had been there back in the days showed us the youngsters the site.

Late night dinner by the team bus at Räyskälä Airfield.

After sun had risen it was time to get some sleep and prepare for the drag racing. After few hours of sleep we started the day. As people was arriving to the airfield I set up the balcony on the top of the bus. From there I got to shoot live video on my youtube channel and got to shoot cars and happening at the airfield.

Cars started to show up at Räyskälä Airfield.

Day was hot and dry half way through and around 14:00 o’clock it started to raining and most people started their cars and started to drove off the airfield. We waited for awhile but as airfield started to get quiet we also packed our team bus and headed for Mustiala Estate for the night and have a party with Do-Dads Reunion party.

Vintage cars at Mustiala estate.

On Sunday I took a little stroll around Mustiala estate and shoot some of the cars that were there for the Kustom Life Outdoor Show. But we had to leave before the show started so I didn’t get to shoot that many cars.

Link to the gallery.

August at Espoo Cruising.

Espoo Cruising on August

Great weather and show wrestling gather a good amount of crowd and cars to Niittykumpu’s Snacy today. Well, yesterday if I am correct. A lot of cars that I haven’t seen or photographed, but most of them are known. You can find pictures from this link.

Forssa Pick-Nick 2015.

33rd Pick-Nick at Forssa was held yesterday. Weather was great, not too sunny and hot, but cloudy and just right amount warm. During the day over 30000 visitors and over 2500 cars passed through race track. We left around 8 am from Säkylä, where we have been staying during our holidays. Short and sunny road trip through Loimaa to Forssa took about one hour. Our friends had already arrived at the Pilvenmäen Ravirata and kept us a spot in the grass field. I shot some 600+ photos and after post process there were 331 photos left. You can find them from this link.

I also shot a short time lapse video and speeded up video when we left the race track and headed for our holiday home. I’ll be posting a separate post for that video. Or you can subscribe my youtube channel and you’ll get a notification when I have uploaded it immediately!

Wanhat Wehkeet happening in middle of nowhere.

About month ago was midsummer festival in Finland, when all Finns goes to their cabins by the sea or lake and drink whole weekend alcoholic beverages and celebrates midnight sun. Me and wife were at Säkylä“, small agricultural town in west of Finland. So on Friday we went to a market to get some stuff and when we came out we saw few cars in the market square in middle of rain. We approached them and asked why they are there, they told us that there is a small gathering in Köyliö, around 10 km away.

So we decided that we get our car and join them on short country side drive there. And when we get there is was small event but diverse. Tractors, cars and trucks! And old stuff. Well, it was called Wanhat Wehkeet, which translates as old things.

As soon as we had parked we were given a info paper to fill and put it on our car. So, basically it was our El Camino’s first official show entry.

Pictures can be found:

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