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Porvoo and 10th Lakeside Cruising.

Just noticed that I didn’t make a post about Porvoo Cruising that was held at the last Saturday of the August. So, I haven’t been there for two years now, well we did passed by an year ago when my wife had bought herself a used car and she wanted to get to know it […]

August at Espoo Cruising.

Great weather and show wrestling gather a good amount of crowd and cars to Niittykumpu’s Snacy today. Well, yesterday if I am correct. A lot of cars that I haven’t seen or photographed, but most of them are known. You can find pictures from this link.

A bit of pause on posting.

It has been a quite busy or not, but I haven’t been up to posting. Been cycling to work for a month now. I wake up early, around 5 in the morning and cycle 35 minutes to work and after some what 8 hours of work I’ll cycle 35 minutes back to home. Which mean […]

Stadin Cruising aka Parking June edition.

I was quite early this time at Kauppatori and I thought I was first, but I wasn’t. There were handfull eager gearheads waiting for market square to be closed and cleaned up. No wonder, weather was like a bride and officially summer has started. I met few new acquaint. Most interesting was a guy from […]

Back to the Future.