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Building demolition timelapse.

August at Espoo Cruising.

Great weather and show wrestling gather a good amount of crowd and cars to Niittykumpu’s Snacy today. Well, yesterday if I am correct. A lot of cars that I haven’t seen or photographed, but most of them are known. You can find pictures from this link.

A bit of pause on posting.

It has been a quite busy or not, but I haven’t been up to posting. Been cycling to work for a month now. I wake up early, around 5 in the morning and cycle 35 minutes to work and after some what 8 hours of work I’ll cycle 35 minutes back to home. Which mean […]

9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise.

Couple of weeks ago we had great weather and 9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise. We didn’t drove all 170 km of it but I took plenty of pictures on the road. 75 cars were rolling the roads on Uusimaa’s beautiful country side scenery. We didn’t go “long haul” as we didn’t had our own car ready […]

FHRA Swap meet at Vermo in March.

Last Saturday was held spring FHRA Swap meet at Vermo parking lot. Since I live near I took our dog Chili with me and we went to check the rides that were there. No wonder that most of them were newer models, but there was few exceptions: FHRA Swap meet at Vermo in March.