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Frost smoke from the sea

It was really cold morning on 5th of January and sea wasn’t frozen completely and as the air was cold than the sea heat rose from the sea and formed frost smoke. I shot this with my Nikon D7100 with 3 sec interval. Edited with LRTimelapse and Lightroom CC. Although it could have been a […]

22° halo.

I got my picture published by largest news site at hs.fi! Weather was great today. It has been long overdue for proper winter weather and when it finally happened, it was quite quick transformation from plus minus zero to -20°c and that has gave us a quite few chances to make a great photography. As […]

Burning skyscape.

I have to say one great thing about being work where I am at the moment has many benefits, but huge one is that we do get to see most spectacular views. Sunrises and sunsets. This photo was taken ten minutes ago and it’s now gone. Sky is all blueish gray and no sunshine anymore […]

Sunrise time lapse over Helsinki

It was supposed to rain this morning and actually it did start to rain when I left home to work. I drove to work instead of bicycling. If I had bicycled I wouldn’t had chance to shot this since it took me only 15 min to drive from home to work as it would have […]

Tube Time-lapse Times Two.

Well time flies when you are having good time? Well, not exactly good times but been busy. I’ve been shooting time-lapse videos with GoPro Hero 3 White Edition and it’s pretty simple and doesn’t require too much of your time. Just set it up and press record. Afterwards insert cam or memory card on the […]