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Stadin Cruising aka Parking June edition.

I was quite early this time at Kauppatori and I thought I was first, but I wasn’t. There were handfull eager gearheads waiting for market square to be closed and cleaned up. No wonder, weather was like a bride and officially summer has started. I met few new acquaint. Most interesting was a guy from […]

Stadin Cruising May 2014

I was working on a evening shift at work and didn’t get to Kauppatori until little after 21:00, which was quite good for weather wise, since it did rain a bit before 21:00. Although light was getting low and I am still not “one with the new camera”. I know that I can crank up […]

Stadin Cruising April 2014

I got my El Camino out of the garage and yearly inspection passed with some minor fixs. Coincidence, that it was also first Friday of the month, which means Monthly Helsinki Cruising? Although it was not exactly warm, but nor it wasn’t “that” cold and there were quite many cars attending. My day job was […]

Stadi Cruising October.

This time of the Year it is getting too fast too dark and that means two things. First thing is that you have to shoot as “quick” as you can with the available light and second thing is that bring your tripod with you. Second thing also a blessing since you can try out to […]

Stadi Cruising July.

Last Friday was again a month’s first Friday and that meant Stadin Cruising. Last time I spotted great spot at Kaivopuisto and we went straight there to wait for car queue passing by, but there weren’t that big line coming at once, which was actually great I had time to plan my shot and take […]