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10th Lakeside Cruising video.

I tried to broadcast live-stream from the event, but I don’t know what went wrong. Luckily I had my trusted GoPro with me and managed to shoot some video with it. 106 cars left from first pitstop and from third left 99 cars. That’s a loooong line of American cars!

Porvoo and 10th Lakeside Cruising.

Just noticed that I didn’t make a post about Porvoo Cruising that was held at the last Saturday of the August. So, I haven’t been there for two years now, well we did passed by an year ago when my wife had bought herself a used car and she wanted to get to know it […]

Lakeside Cruising #8

A week ago was 8th Lakeside Cruising and weather was on our side. Clear sky full of warm sun shining and light breeze. Around 110 cars gather in Lohja where cruising started. There were three stops on the way and first was at Saukkola. From there we drove to Fiskars and had a short pitstop. […]

Tough made

On a 15th of September we went for a Lakeside Cruising and I took two Opticam Extreme HDMax 2 cameras with me. The other was on a C-pillar on a drivers side from the start and I added the second one on a last leg to passengers side, just behind front wheel next to side […]

Lakeside Cruising 2012

Last year we didn’t participate, since our El Camino was broken and I was too lazy to fix it. This year there weren’t any problem at all and we started around noon from Nihtisilta ABC-gas station. Lakeside Cruising starts 13:45 at Teboil-gas station at Siuntio. From there we went to Karjaa and had quick-ish stop […]