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10th Lakeside Cruising video.

I tried to broadcast live-stream from the event, but I don’t know what went wrong. Luckily I had my trusted GoPro with me and managed to shoot some video with it.

106 cars left from first pitstop and from third left 99 cars. That’s a loooong line of American cars!

Porvoo and 10th Lakeside Cruising.

Just noticed that I didn’t make a post about Porvoo Cruising that was held at the last Saturday of the August.

So, I haven’t been there for two years now, well we did passed by an year ago when my wife had bought herself a used car and she wanted to get to know it better and we drove to Porvoo with couple of friends and later at the evening I noticed that there American cars going every directions and I checked calendar that I host at Google Calendar where I have gathered American car happenings in Finland. Sure enough there was Porvoo Cruising. But, to this year, couple of garage mates were going and I hopped in with them and we went. I sat on 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and had few beers along the ride.

As legistation of commerce changed at the begining of the year that stores can be open as they please(Stores couldn’t be open after 18:00 on Saturday, unless it was small store), the parking lot of S-market at Porvoo was out of question since that store is now open till 23:00 everyday and enthustiasts don’t want to bother paying customers and the store by gathering there, so gathering place was changed few kilometers away, closer to E18 highway. There is plenty of room for cars and also a good place to burn those rubbers.

Here is the photo gallery.

Yesterday there was a scenery cruising around lake Lohjanjärvi. We were bit late from the start and we drove straight to first pitstop, where I set up my gopro and started photographing cars as those arrived on first destination. From there we went to Karjalohja for second pitstop.

This was the 10th anniversary cruising, which has grown from few garage mates driving around to 100+ car event, gathering cars and enthusiasts from southern Finland. It’s not unheard that people has driven few hundred kilometers to participate this event.

As we weren’t with our El Camino, but our Jag(just a x-type), we didn’t feel like travelling whole distance. So, here is the photo gallery..

Is this just a Finnish thing or does everybody have these scenery cruises?

9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise.

One eye bandit leading the way.

Couple of weeks ago we had great weather and 9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise. We didn’t drove all 170 km of it but I took plenty of pictures on the road. 75 cars were rolling the roads on Uusimaa’s beautiful country side scenery. We didn’t go “long haul” as we didn’t had our own car ready for this driving season yet. Luckily in this group of people there is always someone that gives you a ride in their car.

Beautiful country side.

Next year is going to be 10th! It’s going to be Legen-wait for it in the intersection…DARY!

I took around 1500 shots and 370 pictures can be found:

Lakeside Cruising #8

Open road.

A week ago was 8th Lakeside Cruising and weather was on our side. Clear sky full of warm sun shining and light breeze. Around 110 cars gather in Lohja where cruising started. There were three stops on the way and first was at Saukkola. From there we drove to Fiskars and had a short pitstop. This was the first time we stopped here and surroundings were great for early autumn “pick-nick”. From there we had a small drive to our usual pitstop at ABC Karjaa. There we had a bit of problem with our El Camino when we tried to leave early to catch the convoy ahead and I could shoot every car in the convoy as the pass by.


Problem was that El Camino’s four time repaired starter was so dirty that it didn’t get enough of current through. Jacked up the car, drop the starter, clean the starter, jacked up the starter and lower the car. We fall back about 30 minutes so it was no point trying to catch the convoy anymore so we headed straight to the end at Lohja market square.

Kustom Curve?

We arrived about 10 minutes before convoy and I had a chance to shoot most of the cars in the convoy. After that we made a quick stop at the garage party at Hill Garage.

I took almost 2000 pictures with my D7100 and luckily I had enough memory cards with me. 582 published. I know thats still too much but I can’t help myself.

Länsi-Uusimaa Cruising #7

Länsi-Uusimaa Cruising #7

It was a hot day to begin with, but it was all worth it. We didn’t go to a start place, but somewhere in the middle of the first leg,  next to road side store in Lapinkylä. I hopped on my El Camino’s bed and started to shoot cars as they arrived to the scene. After around 80 plus cars has passed we joined in the line. We drove around a small roads that goes left and up, right and down and all kind of zig zag in the middle of the farming fields. Cruising around 30-40 miles per hour was just the right pace. In many occasion we caused a bit of traffic when cars from smaller roads tried to access the one where we were on. I don’t know how long line our cars made, but I bet it was quite long… There was two “pitstop” and in the first there was a band playing rock’n’roll music while drivers and passangers enjoyed refreshments. Second leg continued the same road zig zag and with addition few longer bigger roads too. Second stop was at Karjaa’s ABC-station and I tried to take a few photos over there but I had to watch over our dog, Chili, while my wife was getting us some food.  After that we continued our trip to finish line and it was camping place near Raasepori and it was in the middle of good old country side… Some stayed while the band played over there and organizers gave few prize’s to longest distance, best vehicle and best attitude. After that we headed back to home just after sun has settled in for the night. 170 miles around trip to Raasepori.

Here is a link to the pictures

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