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Frost smoke from the sea

It was really cold morning on 5th of January and sea wasn’t frozen completely and as the air was cold than the sea heat rose from the sea and formed frost smoke. I shot this with my Nikon D7100 with 3 sec interval. Edited with LRTimelapse and Lightroom CC. Although it could have been a bit wider but in other hand it could have been much tighter too. Yes, it’s possible to crop those shots later as D7100 makes 6000 by 4000 resolution images and I only use 1920 by 1080.

Timelapse timelapse.

It has been a while, but I have been busy doing my El Camino and been shooting and testing timelapse with GoPro Hero3+ White edition. Here are few timelapse videos that I have taken with GoPro Hero 3+ WE, Nikon D7100 and iPhone 5.

First is a video from January, shot with D7100:

Second one was shot with GoPro Hero 3+ WE few days ago:

Third was shot with iPhone 5 and Instagram‘s Hyperlapse App:

New Year’s Eve over Helsinki time lapse

New Years Eve over Helsinki 2014. Very short clip over few hours. 30s exposure per frame on 40s interval. Nikon D800E and Nikkor 70-210mm pump zoom. t-shirts.

I founded this t-shirt earlier this year and I didn’t think about it much since campaign has ended, but I really wanted one. A few weeks ago it re-launched and my wife made a few orders. After that I started looking into it more and I founded that you can create your own t-shirts and sell them at no cost.

The point is that you make your design and they will print and distribute them. You don’t have to invest nothing but your own time. No money, no stock and no worries. So I made few t-shirts for photographers to buy.

For Nikon photographers: I Shoot .NEF

and for Canon photographers: I Shoot .CR2

Now, go and buy one or two and share this!

And here is a view from our window:

Mushroomed II.

Nikon D7100

I have been shooting with Nikon D90 for a few years now. Little over 43k pictures and still going strong. There aren’t anything wrong with it, but my patience with it’s limitations. ISO performance isn’t that great compared to todays new cameras of course, but rather what I needed from a camera. Better ISO performance, better video, better flash control, higher fps and few optional accessories like WU-1a.

Unboxed new work horse.

Unboxed new work horse.

Sometimes somethings just lands on your lap, like this deal. Company where I work as a day job gave an opportunity to apply for a sponsorship to employees. My initial application was misplaced, but we did strike a two year deal. I’ll get a new camera and company gets exposure through my pictures, blog posts, social media and on location on my El Camino.

My D90 wasn’t a brand new when I bought it, so I didn’t do what I have always done when I got a brand new camera. Self portrait. Selfie as those are now called.



Thanks to for giving me this opportunity. Now I guess is needed a few new lenses. And bigger HDD. Well, luckily I know just the place where to go for a shopping spree!

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