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Stadin Cruising May 2014


I was working on a evening shift at work and didn’t get to Kauppatori until little after 21:00, which was quite good for weather wise, since it did rain a bit before 21:00. Although light was getting low and I am still not “one with the new camera”. I know that I can crank up the ISO way higher than with my D90. I guess it’s the allergy for high ISO. ;)

Here is the link to the pictures.

Stadi Cruising October.

Stadin Cruising going strong!

This time of the Year it is getting too fast too dark and that means two things. First thing is that you have to shoot as “quick” as you can with the available light and second thing is that bring your tripod with you. Second thing also a blessing since you can try out to get a most of the dark situation by playing with long exposures.

There is a good chance to catch something that your eye can’t see. So your mind have to be in a creative mode to try out something and mostly you’re going to miss, but every now and then you get something that is worth the trouble.

Here is a link to pictures from the Cruising.

Vantaa Cruising July.


Gun sight.

Now that I am on the roll for doing my back log of photos, here is Vantaa Cruising photo’s.

Weather didn’t know was it shining or raining, but there was still huge amount of cars, all four row’s were almost full and quite few never seen before. It’s good to see that “new” cars is coming to these happenings! Oddest one was this really old “thing”:

The Thing

About the time that the sun was setting in me and Operation Rocking Piggy went to shoot a few burnout shots in a industrial back road… I’ll post something later on that.

Stadi Cruising July.

Stadin Cruising is alive!

Last Friday was again a month’s first Friday and that meant Stadin Cruising. Last time I spotted great spot at Kaivopuisto and we went straight there to wait for car queue passing by, but there weren’t that big line coming at once, which was actually great I had time to plan my shot and take a zip of beer between cars. I guess holiday season and few other happenings were limiting participiants to this event. Nevertheless Kauppatori was yet again full again and we didn’t even bothered to go there, mainly because there were huge waiting to get in the market area and driving through would have burst my bladder, thanks to all those cold refreshments that I enjoy’d at Kaivopuisto.

I don’t know can I post pictures from up coming Friday at Espoo Cruising since I have to leave early in the Saturday morning to Alastaro to shoot at Ford Nationals for a day. So I have 160 km drive in the morning…

Here a pictures from the Cruising.

Vantaa Cruising June.


Sunny Dodge.

First Vantaa Cruising of the year. It was supposed to be week ago, but since it was midsummer festival in here, there were a consensus that this should be moved to happen week after the usual time, third friday of the month. Although there were hardcore people last week but today there a huge amount of cars. I didn’t have the patience to take a picture of them all, so I just wandered around and took pictures. You can find rest of the pictures from here.

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