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Drone photography

I had an opportunity test a couple of different drone last summer and fall. Now I own a DJI Mavic Pro drone and I am getting use to it. I have set up a album at and flickr account:


I think that I am abandoning ordinary photography and start to focus on video and drone photography more in the future. Few may have noticed those drone shots from my instagram or facebook feed.

Last summer I shot this video at Malmi Airport, with the permission from ATC and Malmi Airpot.

I have been shooting videos quite while but I never had the energy to make them in to complete videos, mainly due lag of a good editing software and powerful computer to edit with. I recently bought used Mac Pro 2010, that has potential for good 1080p editing, but now that I am unemployed I don’t have the benefit of using workplace softwares. There is Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve that is free to use but it needs computing power that I hadn’t previously. And of course its all different to use than FCP or Premiere Pro. Good thing about me being unemployed is that now I have the time to learn and edit videos.

Vintage Drags at Räyskälä

I had an opportunity to go to Räyskälä Vintage Drags in a team bus as one friend from the garage where my El Camino is, was going to Räyskälä Vintage Drags to drag race his 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. He has had that since late 1970s and when drag racing landed on Finland, Räyskälä Airfield was one of the first place where you could drag race. We borrowed Hollow Head Drag team’s team bus where we loaded the Camaro and had a sleeping quarters for five people.

Sun set at Räyskälä Airfield.

First we went to Somero to pick up slick tires and then on to Räyskälä Airfield. We arrived just as the sun was settling in for the night. We took the Camaro out and barbeque grill and set up our camp for the Saturday. We then proceed to have late night dinner and the older guys who had been there back in the days showed us the youngsters the site.

Late night dinner by the team bus at Räyskälä Airfield.

After sun had risen it was time to get some sleep and prepare for the drag racing. After few hours of sleep we started the day. As people was arriving to the airfield I set up the balcony on the top of the bus. From there I got to shoot live video on my youtube channel and got to shoot cars and happening at the airfield.

Cars started to show up at Räyskälä Airfield.

Day was hot and dry half way through and around 14:00 o’clock it started to raining and most people started their cars and started to drove off the airfield. We waited for awhile but as airfield started to get quiet we also packed our team bus and headed for Mustiala Estate for the night and have a party with Do-Dads Reunion party.

Vintage cars at Mustiala estate.

On Sunday I took a little stroll around Mustiala estate and shoot some of the cars that were there for the Kustom Life Outdoor Show. But we had to leave before the show started so I didn’t get to shoot that many cars.

Link to the gallery.

9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise.

One eye bandit leading the way.

Couple of weeks ago we had great weather and 9th ISO Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise. We didn’t drove all 170 km of it but I took plenty of pictures on the road. 75 cars were rolling the roads on Uusimaa’s beautiful country side scenery. We didn’t go “long haul” as we didn’t had our own car ready for this driving season yet. Luckily in this group of people there is always someone that gives you a ride in their car.

Beautiful country side.

Next year is going to be 10th! It’s going to be Legen-wait for it in the intersection…DARY!

I took around 1500 shots and 370 pictures can be found:


I don’t know is there any good reason why, but I have started a blog on a about an American car happenings around Finland. I still do post here when I have processed and upload pictures from happenings to my website, but in addition to my photos I’ll try to gather links from the other photographers too, all under one blog. So people can find all the photos from certain happening. There is always a thread on for certain happening and photographers post a link to their photos of that happening into. But if you want to visit that certain happening and certain photographers photos later date, you need to dig that whole forum for right thread and after that you have to go through latest post to see if there was a link to those photos. Of course you can add a bookmark to your browser but does that anyways? I guess there was a good reason after all!

Currently I am doing it in Finnish, but I might switch it to English. It’s called:

Also I have been updating my blog, but I think it will need more boost than I had time to write and post on.

Then I have a blog for my 1970 Chevrolet El Camino too. I guess that is now more on “the wall” since I got a garage spot near where I am living and there aren’t really any excuses not to go in the garage and do something to her. Right?

Oldest blog that I have and is still alive is Life @ Perkkaa which has an entry from 6th of December 2006! So That is 8 years old!

And this blog could use a bit of face lift.

Lakeside Cruising #8

Open road.

A week ago was 8th Lakeside Cruising and weather was on our side. Clear sky full of warm sun shining and light breeze. Around 110 cars gather in Lohja where cruising started. There were three stops on the way and first was at Saukkola. From there we drove to Fiskars and had a short pitstop. This was the first time we stopped here and surroundings were great for early autumn “pick-nick”. From there we had a small drive to our usual pitstop at ABC Karjaa. There we had a bit of problem with our El Camino when we tried to leave early to catch the convoy ahead and I could shoot every car in the convoy as the pass by.


Problem was that El Camino’s four time repaired starter was so dirty that it didn’t get enough of current through. Jacked up the car, drop the starter, clean the starter, jacked up the starter and lower the car. We fall back about 30 minutes so it was no point trying to catch the convoy anymore so we headed straight to the end at Lohja market square.

Kustom Curve?

We arrived about 10 minutes before convoy and I had a chance to shoot most of the cars in the convoy. After that we made a quick stop at the garage party at Hill Garage.

I took almost 2000 pictures with my D7100 and luckily I had enough memory cards with me. 582 published. I know thats still too much but I can’t help myself.

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