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Porvoo and 10th Lakeside Cruising.

Just noticed that I didn’t make a post about Porvoo Cruising that was held at the last Saturday of the August.

So, I haven’t been there for two years now, well we did passed by an year ago when my wife had bought herself a used car and she wanted to get to know it better and we drove to Porvoo with couple of friends and later at the evening I noticed that there American cars going every directions and I checked calendar that I host at Google Calendar where I have gathered American car happenings in Finland. Sure enough there was Porvoo Cruising. But, to this year, couple of garage mates were going and I hopped in with them and we went. I sat on 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and had few beers along the ride.

As legistation of commerce changed at the begining of the year that stores can be open as they please(Stores couldn’t be open after 18:00 on Saturday, unless it was small store), the parking lot of S-market at Porvoo was out of question since that store is now open till 23:00 everyday and enthustiasts don’t want to bother paying customers and the store by gathering there, so gathering place was changed few kilometers away, closer to E18 highway. There is plenty of room for cars and also a good place to burn those rubbers.

Here is the photo gallery.

Yesterday there was a scenery cruising around lake Lohjanjärvi. We were bit late from the start and we drove straight to first pitstop, where I set up my gopro and started photographing cars as those arrived on first destination. From there we went to Karjalohja for second pitstop.

This was the 10th anniversary cruising, which has grown from few garage mates driving around to 100+ car event, gathering cars and enthusiasts from southern Finland. It’s not unheard that people has driven few hundred kilometers to participate this event.

As we weren’t with our El Camino, but our Jag(just a x-type), we didn’t feel like travelling whole distance. So, here is the photo gallery..

Is this just a Finnish thing or does everybody have these scenery cruises?

Porvoo Cruising April.


Last year we didn’t have any opportunity to go to the Porvoo Cruising. It’s about 50 km to east from Helsinki and we always go by back roads. Smooth cruising till we get to the Porvoo, and back. It was great weather and sunny really shined. I had to wait for a bit and I started shooting cars that were facing sun. After while sun was settling in and didn’t shine on the parking lot I could shoot those cars that were facing same direction that sun was shining. Here is a link.

Porvoo Cruising August 2012

Cruising at Porvoo

I was so tired after Saturday cruising at Porvoo that I hadn’t have time to process and post pictures until today. There were even a cruising with 30+ cars at least and it was great scenery road cruising, it’s great to go at Porvoo since there is always a short cruising involved too. At the parking lot local grocery store there were huge gathering and I just didn’t have the time to get all the shots I wanted before light faded away too much and shooting became too hard. Not to mention that earliest left early and only few hardcore were there till 1:20 am… Here’s a link to pictures. Enjoy!

Porvoo Cruising June 2012

Crusing at Porvoo

Yesterdays weather was kind of moody since it shined and almost rained. We went any way to Porvoo to participate Porvoo Cruising first time this year. When we got there there was already good amount of cars at the parking lot of S-market. After I had taken few shots over there we headed to old train station to check out set for the Enginefest that is held in end of the August. Few cars came with us and after while many more came. In Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa Cruising’s is mainly a parking, since people gather around and just chat with each others and watched cars. In Porvoo there is a bit action too. Last time we were there we had “letka” which is bunch of cars driving in a string, cruising.

Since I haven’t yet installed any gallery software in our website I have to use my old one, so here’s a link to pictures from Porvoo.

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