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American Car Show 2016 day before build day

Tomorrow is the build day for the American Car Show 2016 at the Messukeskus, Helsinki. I’ll be there and maybe I’ll shoot some previews for you. From Friday till Monday I’ll be photographing the event and cars, bikes and what ever. Follow me on:

And if you are not in to social media you can follow me on blogspot:

To get in the mood you can take a look photos from previous years:

37th American Car Show Walk Around Video

I managed to take a quick walk around video also and this is just a “raw” as it gets. Tried Youtube video editor and not bad. Although it takes a time to have all the effects, sounds and text to render, it was easy and “fast” to use. You can add royalty free music, basic fades and rolling texts.

American Car Show part 2.

Green Flames.

I got whole new different angle to this today. I have been shooting this way a while now, but I don’t bother doing it too often since I have to held my camera and lens high up in the air with a monopod and it is basically trail and error. After while you get good pictures with less miss, but by then your arms are starting to shake a bit and miss is more likely. I have a plan that I’m working on, so that I can keep up with this angle. Later about that.

Here is a link to different angle.

Kustom Kulture Show 2014.

Kustom Kulture Show

North Star?

It’s that time again, when “show season” starts. Last year there was a new show called Kustom Kulture Show. I had a stand over there and reception was good so I decided back then that I’ll be back next year, so I did. Slowly buy steadily people entered the hall. There were a lot of pinstripers and some where from around the world. There was a charity auction and I gave one of my favorite canvas print for a good cause and it did raise around 5600€, which was doubled from last year. Although Saturday night was going to be a long one and I had an early rise on Sunday so that I could get some “private” shooting time at the show before it opens again in Sunday, I managed to get three hours worth sleep before our dog, Chili woke me up and out the door we went.

Sunday was a much slower pace and business wasn’t that good at all. After the award ceremony it did almost die completely. Luckily I had some help and we did packed my booth in no time and headed for home. Happening was great and I have already booked a booth for next year.

Here’s a link to pictures and here’s a link post production pictures.

American Car Show part two.

Dodge Charger gauge cluster

Yesterday I got early to 36th American car show and I had time to shoot and later on that day I had time to process them at the show. Thanks to modern technology we got Wi-Fi here and I could have posted them at scene, but there was too much of talking with people! :)

Which is of course a good thing, if I want to made myself known. Today I couldn’t come earlier since my wife left early to work and our dog, Chili would have been so long alone. I did manage to take few pictures before doors opened, but there are still plenty to shoot.

Here is a link to yesterdays pictures!


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