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Burning skyscape.

I have to say one great thing about being work where I am at the moment has many benefits, but huge one is that we do get to see most spectacular views. Sunrises and sunsets. This photo was taken ten minutes ago and it’s now gone. Sky is all blueish gray and no sunshine anymore […]

Storm rising

Shot from our balcony a few days ago. Edited in Youtube Editor and slowed down x2. Shot in 3 second interval.

Moon sickle.

  I have been “chasing” this kind of shot of the moon for a while now. Shot from our balcony with Nikon D90 + Nikkor Ai-s 300mm f/4.5 + Kenko 2x converter.  

Into the clouds.

Strom was rising in Helsinki from north and this aeroplane was flying from south straight into the clouds. I was just in the right place and time. Okay, probably it was way higher than those stormy clouds, but it looked like it was flying straight into the storm. Nice, don’t you say?