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Timelapse timelapse.

It has been a while, but I have been busy doing my El Camino and been shooting and testing timelapse with GoPro Hero3+ White edition. Here are few timelapse videos that I have taken with GoPro Hero 3+ WE, Nikon D7100 and iPhone 5.

First is a video from January, shot with D7100:

Second one was shot with GoPro Hero 3+ WE few days ago:

Third was shot with iPhone 5 and Instagram‘s Hyperlapse App:

New Year’s Eve over Helsinki time lapse

New Years Eve over Helsinki 2014. Very short clip over few hours. 30s exposure per frame on 40s interval. Nikon D800E and Nikkor 70-210mm pump zoom.

Misty morning

Yesterday morning was a bit dull and all misty. I’ve couldn’t see that far from our kitchen window. First I almost passed this opportunity to shoot some misty time lapse video and luckily I didn’t pass it.

Mostly you see it just “being” there, but you can really see how it’s evolving and going around the corners etc.

Storm rising

Shot from our balcony a few days ago. Edited in Youtube Editor and slowed down x2. Shot in 3 second interval.

Time lapse video of sunrise over Helsinki

Took this time lapse video in the morning just before sun was about to rise. I missed a good chance yesterday and today was a new try. Not as great as yesterdays was, but good enough to publish.

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