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Back to the Future.

Back to the Future.

Summer heat.

Well, it has been a long time since my last post. A lot of happening happened and I covered few of those and didn’t “bother” to blog about it until now. Collective. So here are few links to different events and happenings:

Espoo Cruising:

Helsinki Cruising:

Vantaa Cruising @ midsummer festival:

And odd ball events and happenings:
Classic Sale at Helsinki:

Hyrylä Cruising:

Iso Länsi-Uusimaa Cruise:

Mother’s Day swap meet @ Espoo car museum:

Harjavalta Picknick:

Eenokki Cruise&Rock:

And Grande Finale, Forssa Pick-Nick:

These are not in any chronological order, except last is latest.


Vantaa Cruising May 2014

Mach II

Last friday it was again Vantaa Cruising and I thought I was pretty early, but when I arrived parking lot was getting smaller and crowded. Luckily there were room in the first row and I got started shooting right away. Only problem was that sunny was shining and it made other side of the row hard to shoot since it was back lighted heavily. So I had to shoot odd rows first and then even. It had rained earlier and that gave few interesting angles to shoot. Link to the pictures can be founded here.

Vantaa Cruising July.


Gun sight.

Now that I am on the roll for doing my back log of photos, here is Vantaa Cruising photo’s.

Weather didn’t know was it shining or raining, but there was still huge amount of cars, all four row’s were almost full and quite few never seen before. It’s good to see that “new” cars is coming to these happenings! Oddest one was this really old “thing”:

The Thing

About the time that the sun was setting in me and Operation Rocking Piggy went to shoot a few burnout shots in a industrial back road… I’ll post something later on that.

Vantaa Cruising June.


Sunny Dodge.

First Vantaa Cruising of the year. It was supposed to be week ago, but since it was midsummer festival in here, there were a consensus that this should be moved to happen week after the usual time, third friday of the month. Although there were hardcore people last week but today there a huge amount of cars. I didn’t have the patience to take a picture of them all, so I just wandered around and took pictures. You can find rest of the pictures from here.

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