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Throwing Dices Photography

So, I finally got a domain for my Throwing Dices Photography under which is linked to my 500px account. I didn’t feel that I should manage two separate website under my photography. The 500px is a kind of portfolio and I’ll post only few and top quality photos. Second thing is that I should move my (correction: under account is due to end at end of February. That cost about 36€ year, which isn’t that much, but then again from a small streams grows a big river.


Light Darkness.

Light Darkness.

First day of the fresh new year!

So, year changed in cold and wet weather and our dog Chili didn’t freak out at all. Actually he was chillin’ all the way and didn’t mind at all the boom’s and swoosh’es. One resolution that I made is to post more on this blog and keep it up with something new and fresh. Cheers!

On a move…

Now I have installed WP for iOS and We can blog on the move. Right in the middle of the happening!

There is a huge car show in Forssa on this sunday and that’ll be the baptism of fire.


Picture Gallery

It’s been now for a while that I have had Coppermine gallery running on this server. It was easy to install as everything has been so far. Now I just need to make galleries sensible with categorizing and uploading huuuuuuge amount of pictures. And naming them. Well, don’t know about that. Best part is that I can do that from everywhere and I don’t have to sit on this computer and make my back hurt. I guess a link to gallery would be expected? Antrell Photography

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