Wanhat Wehkeet happening in middle of nowhere.

About month ago was midsummer festival in Finland, when all Finns goes to their cabins by the sea or lake and drink whole weekend alcoholic beverages and celebrates midnight sun. Me and wife were at Säkylä“, small agricultural town in west of Finland. So on Friday we went to a market to get some stuff and when we came out we saw few cars in the market square in middle of rain. We approached them and asked why they are there, they told us that there is a small gathering in Köyliö, around 10 km away.

So we decided that we get our car and join them on short country side drive there. And when we get there is was small event but diverse. Tractors, cars and trucks! And old stuff. Well, it was called Wanhat Wehkeet, which translates as old things.

As soon as we had parked we were given a info paper to fill and put it on our car. So, basically it was our El Camino’s first official show entry.

Pictures can be found: http://tdp.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Tapahtumat/Muut+tapahtumat/2015/Wanhat+Wehkeet+K%C3%B6yli%C3%B6/